The Evolution of FREE Health

Is Here and “Food IS Talking” is the Way

“It became apparent really fast, this is a FAST TRACK to health. I’ve helped people from all walks of life; celebrities to career moms and dads restore their God-given, natural health and sense of well-being through this process”.
Gail Blair/The Intuitive Chef

-Are you ready for a future without chronic dis-ease?
-Are you ready for a future without “Sick Care”?
-Are you really ready to be in control of your health?
-Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
-Is your quality of health declining has you get older no matter how many drugs are prescribed?
-Have you tried every diet and weight loss pill to lose weight only to gain it back and then some?
-Did you know the miracle that is the human body knows exactly how to balance and repair itself?
-Did you know the body knows exactly how to regulate its weight?
-Did you know that chronic disease is not a natural part of aging? It’s not natural period!

“A piece of the “Health Puzzle” has been missing from Every diet plan,
Every exercise plan, and Every healing modality”.

It is a “crucial piece” and it is this; Every “BODY” is completely unique. We have completely unique DNA. Every minute in time is unique and “its effect on the body” and how the mind perceives it – is unique. Ever wonder why we don’t like the same movies, TV shows, décor, food, clothes or people? (The list is as endless as we are) Because, I’ll say it again WE ARE UNIQUE.

So how can any “one” diet, fitness regimen, doctor (allopathic, holistic or otherwise), healer or spiritual guru have all the answers to every person’s unique, “ever-changing” needs? It is Impossible! It could only be possible if we were all clones and time stood still. We do have some cloning going on, but we still haven’t figured how to make time stand still (I’m sure that’s coming).

A blood test, allergy test, ANY lab test can only tell a person what is going on with their body at that moment in time (it is only a snap shot).  The result becomes obsolete as the body constantly shifts it’s needs according to it physical and mental environment – Even as it heals.

Time does not stand still and neither do our bodies

Up to now, we haven’t had a better way of knowing what the body needs. Well, that’s not exactly true. We’ve always had it, we just didn’t know it. This is the beauty of evolution – Higher Truths and better ways come in as we are ready to receive them.

All Truth passes through 3 stages
First, it is ridiculed
Second, it is violently opposed
Third, it is accepted as Truth – Arthur Schopenhauer

The “Food IS Talking” method is that better way. It may be the ONLY way “for now” to know for sure what foods our body wants at any given time for balancing and correcting conditions either temporary or chronic.

“Food IS Talking” IS the way to know

I am a “Food Intuitive”. And, I am a regular person who has discovered my in-born, God-given gift of “knowing” that we all possess. I’ve only exercised and built this intuitive muscle (and you can too). My life’s purpose is to use this gift to help myself and others re-discover their God-given health. My Mission – To see an end to world hunger and disease.

“The mind that we discover within us is the Mind that governs everything”
-The Science of the Mind

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