Detox Cookbook


God has provided us with the perfect tool kit for disease prevention and healing AND it comes from one of the greatest pleasures in life – FOOD!  No Modification Required!

Let’s face it – No one wants to feel deprived and no one wants to eat boring food! The recipes in this book are designed with everyone in mind with one single goal – to deliver on my promise that healthy food TASTE GREAT!  All it takes is a pinch of imagination and an ounce of knowledge.  These recipes have been test driven to every kind of food lover, from “meat lovers” to “vegetable haters”.  Thank you to all my family and friends who tried and approved these recipes.   The consensus is:

This is a Delicious Way to Detox!

This 10 Day Detox Cookbook is compatible with most detox programs.  Choose from a variety of fantastic, simple to prepare meal choices, snacks, and smoothies with easy to follow recipes along with all the tools and tips necessary to make you a star in the kitchen.  You just add the love and the food will love you back!

Give your body the clean slateit needs to get back on the right track to good health.