Gail’s Healthy Services

Dr. Braddock 

“Budget Friendly Shopping” – Let’s take a trip to the grocery store. Learn what isles to avoid, when to shop, where to shop, how to buy the cream of the crop, how to save time, and most of all – MONEY! Afterwards, that old excuse, “I can’t afford to eat healthy” will be just that – an old excuse.

“How to Stay Out of The Kitchen” Cooking Class – Get priceless info on how to spend a few hours in the kitchen and eat all week. Learn how to combine spices and herbs to create amazing memorable dishes that spark the taste buds and fuel the body. All you need is a pinch of imagination and an ounce of knowledge. There went 3 more excuses, “I don’t have time to cook”, “I don’t have anything to eat”, and last but not least – “Healthy food is so boring”.

“Pantry & Fridge Makeover” – Includes indispensable tips for a painless healthy kitchen transformation. Go home with the complete shopping list of staple items and an added Bonus – Equipment and helpful tools list. There goes another excuse – “I don’t have the right stuff”.

“Corporate Seminars & Educational Workshops” – We have the ability to take back control of our health. Dis-ease is not natural – Health is!  With the cost of health care skyrocketing along with chronic disease and obesity there as never been a bigger need for this information.   That fact is, if you don’t have your health, life and work is just hard! Important topics include: “The critical link between nutrition and health”; “How did we get so sick?”; The pH factor”;  “Obesity – A Symptom of Malnutrition”.  Fun, interactive cooking demos include generous, delicious samples of REAL FOOD – REAL HEALTHY!.

“Guilt-Free Party Central” – 25 people or Less. If you’re looking for TASTY and HEALTHY options for your next birthday, anniversary, or intimate cocktail gathering, look no more. (Prepared in your home- Call For Quote)

“Group Cooking Classes for up to 10 “ – Delicious Entertainment! The perfect venue for a girl’s night out, or couple’s experience. Includes a complete meal with recipes and wine pairing. (food and wine are additional)

“Private Cooking Instruction “ – Includes hands on instruction for up to 2 hours along with all the recipes.(Food Is Additional)

“Private Special Occasion Dinner for Two” – Includes preparation, service , ambience, and wine pairing. Enjoy a fine dining experience in the comfort of your home. The best part – I do the dishes!