The Intuitive Chef

The body knows exactly what foods it needs and doesn’t at all times for health and
maintenance. If we can know what it knows and WE CAN. Get our mind out of the way
(WE CAN), the body will do what it is designed to do – “REPAIR ITSELF”.

“Not one so-called “Good Food” is good for Every “Body” All the Time!”
It’s not about “Good” or “Bad” – It’s Only about Compatibility!

Our nutritional needs are as unique as we are and change constantly depending on our physical and mental health. We can learn to listen to the conversation between our body and food to create the perfect grocery list for optimum health”.   We were born with this ability.

We no longer have to be confused about what our body needs.

No matter how nutritious a food may be, if the body can’t digest, it can’t use it. Compatible foods are foods the body can digest and use for fuel and for repair. It does the body NO good and actually causes harm to feed the body foods it cannot digest. This is how food intolerances are born.

We cannot go by what the world says is compatible to “our body”. For instance, if you have a severely compromised digestive system “a raw diet” could be deadly. Food in raw form (unless processed) is hard to digest for someone with a sick and tired digestive system. A family member of mine almost killed herself with raw not knowing she had diverticulitis.

If you have a fungus in your body, high sugar “Good” fresh fruit will feed it. Many “Good” starches (whole grains) will feed it. If you have a lot of inflammation in your body, some “Good” vegetables will irritate it further. These are just a few examples of how not one “Good” food is good for every “Body” all the time.

On the flip side, not one “so called” bad food is bad for every “body all the time. Some bodies love some caffeine, chocolate and wine, like mine!

Your unique food chart is very telling. I call this process “Food IS Talking” because the patterns in compatibility or non-compatibility are speaking volumes and I have the gift to listen.

However, all that is required to reap the rewards from this process is to focus on the foods your body wants as you eliminate what it doesn’t.   The food does the work of restoring balance and providing the exact “toolkit” your body needs for repair.

A balanced body is a healthy body.

Some will want to know exactly what the foods are saying and any additional helpful, intuitive insight I may receive during the session.   The “Comprehensive Session” is probably for you.

Some will want to know only what foods are and “are not” compatible with their body. The Food Chart Only is a good option for people who have already been through the “Food IS Talking” process and just want a quick tune-up (remember, what the body needs changes all the time). Or some may prefer I do it for them.

The only 2 common threads I have found in hundreds of sessions over the years is every “body” requires a variety of foods to stock their body’s tool kit optimally,

Variety IS the spice of life!

AND chemicals ARE NOT compatible with our organic bodies.

Other than that, what each body needs at any given time is as unique as that body’s DNA and constantly changes based on physical and mental conditions and is even affected by what we ate yesterday. For instance, if a particular nutrient profile was met yesterday, you may not need it today.

This becomes particular critical with supplements. New studies show that most vitamins taken alone have little value to the body and can even be harmful. Everything in nature works in synergy.   It does no good to take supplements the body doesn’t need.

WE CAN know exactly what foods our body needs for optimum health
Every day, Every meal, Every minute!

WE CAN know what supplements our body needs from day to day.
Saving us big $$$ and imbalances.

WE CAN know which foods are causing an inflammatory or allergic
reaction without an ELIMINATION DIET or expensive testing.

WE CAN balance our body’s systems with FOOD


WE CAN Be Empowered to take back control of our HEALTH!

Food should bless the body and the taste buds– AMEN!

No one should suffer through the Food IS Talking” process. All Food compatibility sessions include delicious Food Revelation recipes to support their unique food chart. There is a divine reason I was a chef first. Here is what one happy client had to say about the recipes:

“WOW! All I can say is that every single recipe that I’ve tried has been delicious! You are an amazing chef! My hubby wanted to take the Curry Red Lentil soup to work to have his Indian Coworker try it because it was that good. He said it was restaurant quality and to keep it in our rotation of recipes. My daughter (11yrs old)) asked for me to puree it and she loved it too. Made the Ranch Dressing and my daughter raved about it. So thank you for making this part not so difficult and oh so fabulously delicious!” – Penny…Richardson, TX